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The School Project - How it works!
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Welcome to our School Project! Since we really want to give back something in exchange for all the great experiences, generous hospitality and incredible kindness of strangers that we are experiencing on our trip, we decided to visit the part of society that will determine our planet's future: the kids of this world. 

The idea is to "show children the world", in the sense of showing them pictures of people and landscapes we meet and see on our trip. At the same time we talk to them about our experiences, about what we have learned and about environmental issues like global warming and pollution. We are making sure they understand the background of why we are traveling the way we are traveling. Besides, we want them to see that everyone can chase his or her dreams even without much money - by bringing our bikes to the class rooms, opening our bike bags and showing them our equipment and the few clothes we are carrying around.

We have visited schools in nearly all the countries we cycled through and talked to pupils in German, English or English with simultaneous translation by teachers. The youngest children we met were four years old, the oldest ones already 19. Every presentation was different, since the pupils can determine the topics by their questions as well. But it was always really funny and inspiring. For both sides. And we know that our talk really influences the kids, as you can see below. 

So glad the project works out that well - it's simply amazing!!

 classes visited:  095

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