The "Postcard Following Project"

NEW: Swap a meal against a postcard!


This is basically a funny and nice idea for everyone who wants to swap with us :). Donate us "a meal" (you decide how much it is) and as a thank you we're going to send you one postcard from wherever we are at that point of time! Don't forget to send us your address along. 

Our bigger project is the "Postcard  Following Project". It is a kind of retro following we developed for those of you who do not like all the social media stuff.


The idea is very simple: If you are interested in our journey and want to support us you can take a real piece of our world trip to your home and family. Or you can give it as a present to your friends! By donating 40€ into our travel fund you will become a postcard subscriber. This means you will get five wonderful hand-crafted photo postcards during the following six months - written by hand of course - from wherever we will be at this point of time :)!


If you will not meet us in person you can simply donate via paypal to or transfer the money to Magda Mayerhoffer and Manu Winkler (IBAN: DE58 1007 7777 0481 1527 00, BIC: NORSDE51XXX). Do not forget to send us your address to We are very very very happy about the subscribers that already support us and are looking forward to send you the most beautiful postcards from all over the world! You are the best!!

Das Postkartenprojekt - Wie es funktioniert!
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