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The planned route

Scroll down to see our map of the world! 

Our plan number one always was to "not plan too much", but of course we have a rough idea about our route. However, we ended up cycling through Africa instead of Asia, haha. But there is this saying "the art of traveling is to derivate from the plans" so I guess we're doing well... below you can see a map of our trip so far.

We started to create weekly short movies to give you an impression of the experiences we made. Check out our YouTube channel (by clicking on the icon above) to see more!

Here is the first one - this is GERMANY:

We cycled from Münster, Germany, first transalp via Austria and Italy to eastern Europe and then via Iran and Dubai to Oman. There we took a short break at a surf school before spontaneously deciding to explore Africa.

After crossing from Uganda down to Namibia we returned to Europe, more precisely to the Canaries, and are currently waiting for a sailing boat to hop on. After the sailing trip we are (for now) returning home slowly during autumn. We don't know what our "life after the trip" will look like, but we'll for sure figure out another adventure soon! :)


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