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We launched our Patreon page in November 2018, after we've met and talked to Steph and Leigh at the harbor of Baku. They are an inspiring couple from France/Australia and are traveling the world with their Landrover "Grizzly"since 10 years. With their project they were already on Patreon for a while and encouraged us a lot to do so as well. And here we are :)!


In this video we are explaining to you how Patreon works. And don't worry - it is super easy! 

Why did we join Patreon? Well, Patreon is a platform for 'creators', a platform for creative people that have amazing projects which bring happiness to the world but do not create a salary. Via Patreon everyone can help these 'creators' to continue doing what they do, by rewarding and supporting them financially for the big efforts and the huge amount of time they invest into their projects. It can be unknown singers creating a new CD, it can be people writing poems, or it can be travelers like us sharing their stories and experiences online and as we do with kids. Just to give you an impression: We have visited more than 100 classes in over 20 different countries so far, every time we have to communicate in advance, we prepare our powerpoint presentation, we buy ingredients for magic tricks and so on. But of course we don't charge the schools for it. And: For a 5 minute YouTube video Magda is sitting around 20 hours in front of the computer. She needs electricity, she needs fast wifi - so we have to pay for a room. Thus creating videos does not only take so much time but also money. But anyways we love to invest that! And it's not only about YouTube videos. You see, it takes as much time as a proper job to produce YouTube videos and keep the blog, the newsletter, facebook and instagram up to date - while cycling the world :).

By the way: during the time we cycled through Africa we used a part of our Patreon income also to buy pencils and donate them to school kids from poor backgrounds. By becoming a patron you keep our wheels spinning!

We would be incredibly happy to welcome you as a patron as well!!


Everyone who becomes a patron for our project in October or November will receive our calendar for 2020!

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